Wondering what to make for the next holiday season or themed party? Get inspired with these baking and decorating blogs

  • 9 Ways to Decorate a Spiderman Birthday Cake

    Lately at the Baking Time Club HQ, we’ve been receiving a lot of messages regarding a certain New York City web-slinger. Questions like; “Which Baking Time Club sprinkles would work...

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  • Sprinkle Drip Cakes for Every Occasion

    While most people have come across drip cakes before, one of the latest fun trends in baking are sprinkle drip cakes! This kind of bake is created by simply adding...

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  • Father's Day Baking Ideas
    This Baking Time Club blog features some great baking ideas to treat your dad with this UK Father's Day on June 17th!
    Father's Day Baking Ideas

    The third Sunday of June is getting closer and closer meaning that in the UK, Father’s Day is nearly here! For many people, it can be difficult to know what...

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  • Bakes for Mother's Day

    🌸💜 Treat the lovely lady in your life this Mother’s Day with one of these delicious bakes. There is a mixture of chocolatey, fruity, vegan and gluten-free ideas to ensure...

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  • 6 Simple Cupcake Ideas For Your Baby Shower

    One of the best thing about baby showers are the cupcakes. Whether you are the expectant mother having a baby or a friend planning the party for this special occasion, we...

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