Sprinkle Drip Cakes for Every Occasion

by Owen Redford

While most people have come across drip cakes before, one of the latest fun trends in baking are sprinkle drip cakes! This kind of bake is created by simply adding sprinkles to the ganache drip of a drip cake to give a much more jazzy and creative burst to any recipe. We have decided to collate a blog featuring some amazing sprinkle drip cakes, that our customers have kindly tagged us in on Instagram. They all feature different Baking Time Club sprinkle mixes and will be sure to leave you impressed. Enjoy!



Credit: Homebakes_Shaz

The first sprinkle drip cake we have for you is a LOL doll buttercream cake featuring Baking Time Club Princess of Rock sprinkle mix. It features a white ganache drip on a pink base cake, with toppings of marshmallows, lollypops, edible characters and more. We especially love the individual cupcakes around the bottom! All the colours work so well together and we can imagine how well this went down at the birthday party it was made for. 


Credit: Hannah Banana Bakery

Next up we have this mouth-watering Valentine’s cake featuring Red confetti hearts on the drip on the brown ganache drip and Cotton Candy Kisses around the pink and white striped base. It is topped with cream icing and a Care Bear image. The sprinkle drip on this one perfectly complements the style of the rest of the cake, opting for a ‘less is more’ approach on the sprinkle drip to off-set against the various patterns and colours on other parts of the cake.



Credit: Luveliacakes

The next cake in our list is this gorgeous 10th birthday sprinkle drip cake featuring Baking Time Club  Frosted Berries sprinkles. The white chocolate ganache drip looks delicious on the pink base and we love the way the sprinkles have been used on this on to make it a truly special cake.




Credit: cakes.n.sprinkles

This amazing orange sprinkle drip cake featuring Baking Time Club edible pearls in pink, white and gold is a real showstopper! IT features a white ganache drip on a pinky orange base and is topped with icing swirls. The sprinkle drip on this one is super neat and really adds to the overall clean design of this bake.




Credit: cakecrumblane

Next up we have this yellow and pink rainbow-inspired sprinkle drip cake. It is featuring Baking Time Club Bunny Surprise sprinkles and again, the colours on this one go so well together! It features a pink ganache drip on a yellow base with a flower and rainbow decoration on top. The sprinkles really give it an extra pop and goes to prove why sprinkle drip cakes are all the rage at the moment.



Credit: Imaans Bakery

We love this elegant green sprinkle drip cake featuring Baking Time Club Mermaid's Tail  sprinkles! This cake features a yellow drip on a green base with toppings of white chocolate shards, Ferrero Rochers, edible flowers and more.The toppings on this one give it a classy touch as well as the simple design of the sprinkle drip finishing it off well.

Credit: homebakes_shaz 

This amazing green sprinkle drip cake with Baking Time Club Dappled Sky sprinkles is truly showstopping! It features a green iced base with white ganache drip, green iced swirls on top as well as some delicious green and silver cupcakes around the base.


Credit: cakescouture_

This blue sprinkle drip cake featuring Baking Time Club Snowy Morning sprinkles show exactly how a sprinkle drip cake should look! It features a white ganache drip on a blue base, with blue icing swirls and sprinkles on top. The white ganache drip really pops with the added sprinkles, and helps to give it that special something.




Credit: _creative.cakes.by.naz

This next sprinkle drip cake features a contrasting black and white design which looks incredible. The design features white ganache drip on a black base and includes Baking Time club Zebra Zazz sprinkles on the ganache drip as well as on top.




Credit: the.cupcakekitchen

The final bake on our list is this chocolate-heaven sprinkle drip cake. The design includes a chocolate ganache drip on a chocolate base, and is decorated with Oreos, chocolate shards and more chocolate-y goodies. Although this cake features so much delicious chocolate, we love the sprinkle drip on this one which looks like it is literally oozing out of the cake! It features Baking Time Club Silver Confetti Stars sprinkles.


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