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  • Best before vs Use-By Dates - What's the difference?
    What is the difference between the best before date and use-by date?
    Best before vs Use-By Dates - What's the difference?

    "In the UK, consumers throw away ten million tonnes of food every year - and many millions of tonnes of that food could have been eaten. That shocking statistic is enough to...

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  • What are natural sprinkles made from?

    On the back of each sprinkle pack is a list of all the natural ingredients used in our sprinkles, but do you know what they mean?   Sugar - this is the main ingredient found in...

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  • Which Sprinkles are Best for Small Children?

    When using sprinkles in bakes, they can often include styles that may be difficult for children to eat or even cause a potential hazard. We’ve been asked a few times...

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  • 12 Ways To Use Sprinkles

    Sprinkles are something you must to add into your baking arsenal. There are lot's of different sprinkle types, from nonpareils, to edible pearls, to sugar strands and beyond... Read our...

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  • 6 Sprinkle Types You Must Know

    Sprinkles are those delightful and colourful bits that are used to add colour and crunch to your cakes and deserts. They come in many different sizes, colours, shapes and flavours....

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