Space Christmas Decorations

7 products

    Do you dream about going to space? Bring space down to Earth and on to your Christmas tree this year. These Christmas decorations make wonderful gifts for the space lovers and dreamer in your life.
    7 products
    Astronaut Santa Hanging Christmas Bauble
    £ 10.00 GBP
    Gold Planet Earth Shaped Bauble
    £ 7.00 GBP
    Intergalactic Spaceship Shaped Bauble
    £ 6.50 GBP
    Outer Space Astronaut Explorer Shaped Bauble Hanging Decoration
    £ 8.50 GBP
    Peace on Earth Astronaut Bauble Hanging Decoration
    £ 8.50 GBP
    Santa In A UFO Hanging Christmas Bauble
    £ 13.00 GBP
    Shooting Star Hanging Christmas Bauble
    £ 6.00 GBP
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