6 Simple Cupcake Ideas For Your Baby Shower

by Lavinia Drake

One of the best thing about baby showers are the cupcakes. Whether you are the expectant mother having a baby or a friend planning the party for this special occasion, we are here to help.

So, to do this we have compiled a list of cupcakes that you can take inspiration from when baking for a baby shower!

When decorating your cupcakes, be imaginative and let your creative juices flow, so without further ado let's take a look at some ideas for beautiful cupcakes to help you get creative!

6 Ideas For Baby Shower Cupcakes 

The first 2 cupcakes are perfect for those anticipating a little princess! Cupcake ideas and inspiration for a girl themed baby shower.

1) "Eat me" Vanilla Rosie Cupcakes

(image by Rachelles)

These cupcakes look really appetising and are definitely perfect for your baby shower! The nice, light pink patterned case and the pink and white rose petals really give it a nice touch.

The vanilla flavoured buttercream and light sprinkles make this cupcake a simple yet gorgeous cupcake for a little girls baby shower. Another nice feature is the cake topper, which I recommend you to add on your cupcakes to really make them look extra special! We have some beautiful cake toppers you can see below


2) Cupcake Fit For A Princess

(Image by Ballet News)

These next cupcakes are excellent for a girl themed baby shower because they have a few little touches which the other cupcakes don't have. The first is of course the pink coloured theme.

The pink buttercream and pink ribbon is great especially if you have a little princess on the way, you want to make sure that the cupcakes are as precious as her! The pink frosting and ribbon makes the cupcakes look elegant. The fondant crown and sprinkles add the finishing touch.

We have some gorgeous cupcake sprinkles for your baby shower, see these gems for yourself below


Now that we have 2 cupcake ideas for a girls baby shower out of the way, let's focus on the little prince. 

3) The Blue Wafer

(Image by spaceshipandlaserbeams)

As you can see, it's traditional to stick to a blue colour theme and make it look pretty, but sprinkles don't have to be girly... In fact we have blue sprinkles you can see below... For a boy themed baby shower, chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting and sprinkles, it's a winner.

This is a nice and simple cupcake design, but if you are expecting a lil boisterous fella then feel free to get creative as you will see in the next cupcake idea for your baby shower.

4) Big Blue Whale


(Image by wildflower cakes)

Blue icing, blue fondant whales, screams more boy then girl right? Well go ahead and take inspiration from this, add on some whales or an animal you prefer to decorate the cupcakes.

Now, if you don't know whether you are going to have a boy or girl, then here are 2 really nice gender neutral cupcake ideas you can take inspirations from for your baby shower.

5) BABY Alphabet Cupcake

(Image by akamaihd)

If you are looking for some ideas on gender neutral cupcakes for your baby shower, then these cupcakes are probably perfect for you. The colours are neutral, you have a combination of blue and pink which is perfect for this.

6) "Oh Baby" Golden Cupcakes

(Image by Rebecca smartt-ford)

This is a much more simple cupcake idea so if you aren't looking to bake cupcakes as extravagant as the last ones, then these are perfect!

Lets wrap it up!

Well that's it for our 6 Simple Cupcake Ideas For Baby Showers, and if you are looking for some beautiful cupcake decorations for your baby shower, then feel free to check out our Baby Shop

We have the ultimate cupcake kit to help you decorate your cupcakes and make them look extra special for your baby shower! We also have some elegant edible cupcake sprinkles as well as cake toppers to make them look extra-extra special!

If you want more inspiration for cupcakes to make it the best baby shower ever, then check out our Pinterest board here!

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