9 Ways to Decorate a Spiderman Birthday Cake

Posted on August 19 2019

9 Ways to Decorate a Spiderman Birthday Cake

Lately at the Baking Time Club HQ, we’ve been receiving a lot of messages regarding a certain New York City web-slinger. Questions like; “Which Baking Time Club sprinkles would work best on a Spiderman Cake?” or “Do you have any suggestions for how to throw a Spiderman party?” have been flooding our inbox so we’ve decided to help. This blog post will show you some amazing cake designs to help create a Spiderman cake to remember, as well as which of our products will work well on these cakes!


Spiderman Chocolate Buttercream Drip Cake


Credit: @my_petite_sweets_perth

It’s quite well known that here at Baking Time Club we are massive fans of drip cakes (read our sprinkle drip cake blog here), hence why we completely love this Spiderman themed version. This bake is topped with loads of delicious treats such as Kit Kats, rainbow laces and more. The drip is made from blue icing however could easily be changed to black depending on which version of Spiderman you were going for. Additionally, the cake is topped with both a Spiderman action figure, badge, and web-encrusted writing. Amazing!


To turn this drip cake in to a sprinkle drip cake, why not add some of our Patriotic Party or Queen of Hearts vegan and gluten free sprinkle mix on to the drip icing for a different look? We have bags available in 60g, 120g and 1kg bulk sizes on our site!


Spiderman Mini-Head Fondant Cake


Credit: @paolascreations

Next we have this vibrant Spiderman mini-head cake. Although the colours and webbing design is both classic yet simple, the way the Spiderman head appears in the middle of the cake is truly what makes this cake one to remember. The cake base is covered in the classic Spiderman web pattern and logo, with the superhero’s head and hands shooting through the middle.


Spiderman Buttercream Web Cake

Credit: Maria West UK

 This red and white buttercream Spiderman cake with cake toppers and edible decorations works perfectly! We especially love the red and white pattern on the outer layer of the cake, as well as the fake webbing.

Why not try adding one of our Red or Blue cake drum's to complete the web-slinging look?

Spiderman Gravity Fondant Cake


Credit: Bespoke Cakes By Lina

Spiderman is known for his gravity-defying web slinging and stunts, and this cake is no different! The base layers of the cake are covered in blue, red and black icing, as well as artificial spiders whilst the top section is really what makes it stand out. The Spiderman figure is suspended from a thin piece of plastic which is covered in web-like white icing to create this brilliant effect.

Spiderman / Venom Half & Half Fondant Cake


Credit: Cakes Decor

We love this idea of the half and half Spiderman cake due to the chance to get creative! You could easily substitute Venom for your child’s favourite villain (For example the Green Goblin or Dr Octopus) for a completely different baking concept.


Spiderman 3D Sculpture Fondant Cake

Credit: How To Cook That

If 3D cake sculpture is your thing why not have a go at this incredible Spiderman 3D sculpture fondant cake? Although one of the more complex designs on our list, this realistic Spiderman torso will definitely be one to remember.


Spiderman Stack Fondant Cake


Credit: Cake Central

With this next bake, we love some of the smaller details that really bring it to life. For example just the print on the base reminds us of a sewer grate cover from New York, as well as the use of yellow in the skyscraper shapes to create a night time feeling. The contrasting colours on this are really what help to bring it to life!


This cake would look great with some of our superhero cake topers on!

Spiderman Buttercream Drip Cake

Credit: Afternoon Crumbs

We love this red and white buttercream drip cake! With iced webs, Spiderman head decorations, a delicious chocolate drip and of course some sprinkles to top it off, we can't think of a better way to celebrate a Spidey-themed birthday.

Spiderman Minion Fondant Cake


Credit: Pinterest

Finally we have this Spiderman minion cake. We love the design on this and can see it going down very well at a younger superhero fan’s birthday party. Similarly to the half and half cake, this style of cake could be adapted to appeal to children who prefer the likes of Batman, Superman or Captain Marvel!


Want more Spiderman themed cake inspiration? Have a look at our Pinterest board here.

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