Sweet treats for Valentine's day

by Charlotte Smissen

  7 sweet treats for valentine's day baking


Whether you celebrate Valentine’s day with someone you love, your best friends or just by yourself, it is undeniably one of the best excuses to bake up lots of delicious sweet treats. What is not to love about Valentine’s day? It is full of heart shaped goodies, chocolatey-sweet-tasty goodness and the colours red and pink! Our previous Valentine’s day blog post gave some incredibly yummy vegan baking ideas (see here), and now we have made a list of more Valentine’s themed sweet treats because you can’t have too many… fact.

This little collection of 7 of our favourite Valentines inspired sweet treats, includes some regular treats, and some vegan, refined sugar-free and gluten-free goodies.

Baking Time Club - Valentine's sweet treats


Strawberry ombre cake

 strawberry ombre cake

Credit: The Little Blog of Vegan

First up to drool over is this strawberry ombre cake by The Little Blog of Vegan. Beautiful, vegan and a true show stopper for your Valentine's day plans.


Raspberry Ripple bars

raspberry ripple bars - valentines

Credit: Madeleine Shaw

In full force of the Valentine’s day spirit, these tasty bars are easy to make and beautifully pink! Being both healthy and delicious, there is no excuse not to give these a try this Valentine’s day.


Sweet heart cakes

heart cakes

Credit: Glorious treats

How pretty are these chocolate and cherry flavoured heart cakes? Perfect for a get together with your friends or to bring along to any Valentine’s party.


Chocolate hearts

chocolate vegan mint hearts

Credit: Trinity's Kitchen

These vegan and refined sugar-free chocolate hearts are perfect to package up with some pink and red ribbon and give to somebody you love. Easy, tasty and a wonderful gift!


Heart mararons

heart macarons

Credit: Liv for cake

These Valentine's inspired macaron hearts are a winner if you love all things cute and pink. The pink hearts are sandwiched together with a cinnamon buttercream meaning they taste as great as they look!


Coconut and vanilla doughnuts

coconut and vanilla vegan doughnuts

Credit: Nourished Naturally

Pretty in pink and totally delicious. These make the most perfect Valentine's day treats. Being refined sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and vegan is an additional benefit, as it makes them suitable for almost anybody!


Jammie Dodgers

vegan jammie dodgers

Credit: Wallflower Kitchen

Now that the real deal jammie dodgers are not vegan anymore, you'll have to make your own. Luckily, these delicious vegan jammie dodgers by Wallflower Kitchen are super quick and easy, and only require 4 ingredients! Perfect if you have left your Valentine's shopping a bit late!


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