St Patrick's Day Baking Ideas

by Owen Redford

St Patricks Day is coming up soon (Sunday 17th March to be precise), and it’s everybody’s favourite time of year to celebrate the luck of the Irish! The first celebration of the day was held in Boston in 1737 with American Irish immigrants deciding to celebrate a day dedicated to their home country. Although we associate the day with the colour green, the first celebrations used the colour blue but then shifted to green once Ireland became known as the ‘Emerald Isle’. We love St Patricks day so we have put together a list of some amazing St Paddy’s themed baking ideas for you to try at home!

Green and White Bundt Cake


Credit: Love From The Oven

The first St Patricks Day themed bake we have for you is this vibrant green and white bundt cake. It features a circular bundt shape, with bright green and white icing and sprinkles as well as a green inner cake for a nice bright surprise when you cut into it. Plenty of opportunities to get creative with this one!

Why not add some Citrus Sunshine vegan Baking Time Club sprinkles to this bake for an added St Patrick’s Day touch?


Luck of the Irish Cake Balls


Credit: Livingly

Next, we have everyone’s favourite; cake balls. This Irish themed bake features white icing, green sprinkles and a vivid green cake centre. The colours on these really pop and they are great to make with kids.


St Patricks Day Oreo Cupcakes


Credit: The Keeper of the Cheerios

Next on our list we have these mouth-watering St Patricks Day Oreo Cupcakes. They are chocolate and mint flavour and feature mint Oreos and aero as the topping, with mint green buttercream on a chocolate cupcake base. These are one for the mint lovers! This recipe serves 22 cupcakes.


Leprechaun Bark


Credit: Class Mommy

What would a St Patricks day be without a mention of a Leprechaun? This Leprechaun chocolate bark features mini marshmallows, green M&Ms, rainbow strips and sprinkles. These are a great, simple sweet treat to ensure your 17th March is amazing! This recipe is really easy to make and another one that is perfect to get the kids involved in baking.

Try using some of our Life Is Gold vegan cake sprinkles to add some gold to the end of your rainbows:


Pot of Gold Rainbow Cake


Credit: Queenslee Apetit

Speaking of gold at the end of a rainbow, the next St Patricks Day recipe is this extravagant pot of gold rainbow cake. It features Ferrero Rochers both on top and around the cake as well as gold coins, green icing and a rainbow cake inside. This bake can be made in around 2 hours.


St Patricks Day Mint Chocolate Cake


Credit: Created By Diane

Although this next bake is more refined, it is a really classy way to celebrate St Patricks Day with some delicious baking. It has a white iced exterior, with chocolate flakes on top with a mint green, white and brown marble cake inside. It can be made in around 2 hours and will serve 10.


Shamrock Cookies


Credit: If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen

We love sugar cookies and these Shamrock cookies will not disappoint! They are really simple to make and feature a shamrock-shaped sugar cookie base, chocolate icing and some bright green sprinkles to finish them off.


St Patricks Day Coin Cake


Credit: Sugar Geek Show

The next bake we have for you is this showstopper St Patricks Day coin cake. It features a green iced exterior with tonnes of sprinkles, iced swirls on top as well as some gold coins for good luck. The inside of the cake looks like a green version of a red velvet cake which is very nice. It can be made in around 40 minutes and serves 6.

Check out some of our green non pareils 100s and 1000s and green sugar strand vegan sprinkles that would look perfect with this bake:


Guinness Donuts


Credit: Cincy Shopper

What would St Paddys Day be without some Guinness? This classic Irish drink is used to create a delicious flavour, with a creamy Baileys glaze for a truly boozy treat. They can be made in around half an hour.


St Patricks Day Oreo Treats


Credit: Livingly

The final recipe we have for you are these really easy St Patricks Day Oreo treats. Simply dip Oreos in white melted chocolate, add sprinkles and leave to cool. It doesn’t get much easier!


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