Seven Simple Snacks to Make Your 4th July Party Great!

by Owen Redford

Fireworks, tasty food & drinks and the star-spangled banner. These things are often associated with the 4th July (American Independence Day), however there is more you can do to make your 4th July extra special and remain in the heads of your party guests for a long time. This post will give you inspiration for your independence day party with 7 snack ideas that will transform your party from a burnt-out sparkler to a booming rocket.


1) 4th July Ice Cream Sandwiches

(Photo credit: NewEnglandToday)

To get things started, we are going to begin with these delicious 4th July themed ice-cream sandwiches. These mouth-watering snacks are super quick and easy to make, with a layer of ice cream being placed between two cookies for the perfect cooling treat on a hot July evening. These can also be customised to meet the preferences of your guests. Whether this be with the choice of cookie or the flavour of ice-cream, these 4th July Ice Cream sandwiches are sure to impress your guests.

To make your 4th July Ice Cream sandwiches have that extra bit of pizzazz, you could add the Baking Time Club Celebrate Red White & Blue Sprinkles to the edges of the ice cream layer.


2) Firecracker Rice Krispie Treats

(Photo credit: TwoSistersCrafting)

Coming up next, we have these beautiful Firecracker Rice Krispie Treats. These yummy treats are easy to make and can be transported with little fuss if you are taking them to a friend’s party. The patriotic contrasting layers really stand out and will be certain to catch the eye of party guests.

To make them you will need Rice Krispie cereal, mini marshmallows, butter, pink/red/blue food colouring and a large cookie sheet.


3) Cherry Cheesecake Macaroons

(Photo credit: BakingAmount)

Third on our list are these divine Cherry Cheesecake Macaroons. These goodies help to mix the classic American taste of Cherry Cheesecake with the light and fluffy textures of the macaroons. Additionally, the almond taste of the macaroons really contrasts with the creaminess of the filling and is certain to leave your guests smiling after they have been served.

To make these classy bites, all you will need is salt, powdered sugar, food colouring, almond flour, cream of tartar and egg whites.


4) Vegan / Dairy Free 4th July Brownie Bites

(Photo credit: Bbritnell)

Fourth on our list are these exquisite vegan and dairy free 4th July brownie bites that will look perfect on your food table at your party. These fun bites look great due to the chocolate brownie base being topped with coconut cream and fresh strawberries and blueberries. Cook for a shorter amount of time to give them a chewier texture or alternatively you can leave them in for longer to make them like more of a cupcake. Either way these are delicious!

To give these an added Independence Day touch, you can grab a 100-pack of these amazing Marble Cupcake Cases.


 5) 4th July Dipped Oreo

(Photo credit: CraftyRecipes)

Next on our list is a twist on everyone’s favourite American snack; the Oreo. These colourful snacks are the perfect way to make your food selection stand out and get everyone in the mood to celebrate the independence of the most powerful country in the world.

Simply dip Oreo's in melted white chocolate, cover in sprinkles and enjoy.


6) Vegan Coconut Water & Fresh Berry Ice Lollies

(Photo credit: Yummly)

Next up to help you deal with those post 4th July pig-outs, we have these refreshing Coconut Water & Fresh Berry Ice Lollies. These icy snacks will go great as a light dessert for your meal and will help you cool down after a long hot day outside.

These are probably the simplest to make out of all seven as the only ingredients that are required are coconut water and fresh berries. These heavenly goodies are also completely vegan.


7) 4th July Strawberries

(Photo credit: Shanna Anderson)

The final snack idea in our 4th July edition blog are these tempting red, white & blue strawberries. These are the perfect way to cap off an explosive 4th July party and are healthy enough to make you feel less guilty for all the other food and drinks you may have indulged in.

The only ingredients that are required are fresh strawberries, icing/white chocolate, and sprinkles.


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Happy baking!