National Fudge Day Baking Ideas

Posted on June 10 2019

National Fudge Day Baking Ideas

June 16th 2019 is national fudge day! Here at Baking Time Club, we absolutely love fudge and will look for any excuse to use it in baking; whether that’s in fudge based recipes such as pies or brownies, or even just plain old blocks of the stuff. Therefore, we have decided to put together a list of some delicious fudge recipes for you to try. Enjoy!


Easy Fruity Marshmallow Fudge


Credit: Inside Bru Crew Life

The first fudge recipe we have for you is this eye-catching fruity marshmallow fudge. This recipe features loads of different colours such as bright pinks and greens as well as some delicious textures to get your mouth-watering. It includes ingredients such as mini marshmallows, white chocolate chips and most importantly sprinkles! This recipe can be made in around 30 minutes and will serve 36 pieces.

Why not try some of our vegan, gluten free, halal and kosher friendly Bunny Surprise sprinkles when trying this bake for an added pop of colour?


Gluten Free Cake Batter Fudge


Credit: What The Fork Food Blog

Next up we have this delicious cake batter fudge. This fudge is perfect for any celebratory occasion such as birthdays or weddings, and features a cream coloured fudge base, decorated with multi coloured sprinkles. Additionally, it’s also gluten free! This recipe can be made in around 2 hours and serves 32 pieces.


Sugar Cookie Dough Fudge


Credit: A Bajillian Recipes

Nothing beats cookie dough, and the third item on our list is a perfect hybrid of both fudge and cookie dough flavourings. It has blue and cream swirl patterns which make up the exterior and it has a healthy handful of sprinkles and white chocolate as well to make up an amazing recipe. This recipe serves 36 pieces.


Vegan Raspberry Coconut Fudge


Credit: Cinnamon and Coriander

Looking for a completely vegan fudge recipe? Look no further. This amazing vegan raspberry coconut fudge is completely sugar free and has a delicious creamy texture with intense coconut, raspberry and lemon flavours. We especially love the simple, yet elegant style of this bake.


White Chocolate Sprinkle Fudge


Credit: Sprinkles For Breakfast

Next we have this white chocolate sprinkle fudge. Our favourite thing about this bake is the half-and-half pink and blue appearance on the side which really makes the whole thing pop! This recipe serves around 16 pieces.


Skittles Swirl Fudge


Credit: Mommy’s Memorandum

The final fudge-themed bake we have for you is this skittles swirl fudge. This quick and easy bake is so colourful thanks to the use of skittles, it really catches the eye and it definitely doesn’t let you down in the taste department. It features only three ingredients; skittles,  condensed milk and white chocolate chips and can be made in around an hour.


Customer Bakes


Customer: @LilsParlour

Sprinkles Used: Mystic Mermaid

We love the way @LilsParlour has used Mystic Mermaid to get a contrasting array of colours on this delicious fudge bake!

Customer: Shepherd's Delights

Sprinkles Used: Pretty In Pink

This fudge based bake from Shepherd's Delights looks so tasty and makes good use of our Pretty In Pink sprinkle mix.

Want more national fudge day 2019 inspiration? Have a look at our Pinterest board here.

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