Harry Potter Cake Magic

by Lavinia Drake

I love Harry Potter. FACT! So now I’ve got that off my chest, I wanted to share some awesome Harry Potter inspired cakes. When I return home I want to get back into baking and making cakes. In the meantime I will share some amazingly geeky cakes, which you will not want to eat, but OH YES YOU WOULD!

Click on the photos for links to the sources.
hedwig cake

What I love about this Hedwig cake, is that she’s been covered in rice paper feathers, which gives her a soft feathery texture. Sometimes when I see creative cakes, they are displayed on just a silver board or plate, whatever was to hand or fitted. This cake baker has really thought about the theming and sat Hedwig on a tree trunk board, complete with bark!

harry potter cake 1

This two tiered cake has the classic Harry Potter references, glasses, Gryffindor house scarf, wand and golden snitch, its enough to get the geeky brain excited but not enough to make you want to save it for the rest of your life. I can see I’d start cutting slices out of the purple base tier dodging the wand , then giving in to eat all the fondant scarf!!

harry Potter cakes

A large golden snitch cake with a miniature Harry Potter flying on a broom stick, would be an awesome 18th birthday cake. I love that they’ve made the cake board fondant textured to look like floor boards, adding a wand, glasses and a small bag of Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans.

snitch cakes 1

Butter beer flavored Golden Snitch cupcakes, hello! Love this idea, they’ve themed with the flavoring and topping including some glittery sugar, and white wings. These would be great to have at a Harry Potter themed party. As they don’t involve fondant you don’t need to be a wizard at decorating either.

harry potter cakes 2

These cupcake are so simple yet soooo effective. With white fondant bases the cake maker has created fondant lighting bolts, magic wands, golden snitches, glasses, scarves and HP initials. So awesome!

Which are your favourites? I know I’m not very hungry and have the urge to watch Harry Potter films all day!!

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