Halloween Party Food Ideas

by Owen Redford

Welcome to week two of our Halloween blog marathon! A common problem people can have this time of year is getting party food that is going to be fun for kids, yet still tasty and enjoyable for adults this October. Therefore, this week we are going to feature some brilliant ideas for some spooky Halloween party food including jelly potions, strawberry worms, pumpkin macaroons and more.


Strawberry Ghost Pops

Credit: Eats Amazing

The first Halloween party food idea we have for you are these amazing strawberry ghost pops. These provide a simple and fun way of getting the kids involved with baking this Halloween, and offer a slightly healthier option than a lot of the food associated with this time of year. They are made by simply by covering strawberries in melted white chocolate, and finished off by adding some edible eyes to give them a cute but spooky look.


Swamp Potion

Credit: Who Needs A Cape

Nothing says Halloween more than a nice glass of green potion! The next treat on our list comes in the form of this Halloween swamp potion made from lime Kool-Aid (any green juice drink will do the trick), whipped cream and jelly worms. To really give it that added touch, serve in a science style beaker like the one pictured, or mini cauldron glasses which can be bought online. Perfect for witches and wizards of any age!


Spooky Jelly Worms With Oreo Dirt

Credit: Cakes Cottage

Third on our list we have the incredibly simple yet spooky looking jelly worms in Oreo dirt idea. This treat is made by crushing the black outer parts of Oreo cookies to create a dirt/mud looking mixture, and then adding jelly worms on top. This one tastes better than it looks!


Monster Mash Halloween Brownies

Credit: Buy This Cook That

Next up we have these vibrant Halloween monster mash brownies. The colours on these are incredible and will really stand out at any Halloween party this year. They are made from a chocolate brownie base covered with purple and green icing and finally covered with a large handful of sprinkles.

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Halloween Marshmallow Pops

Credit: The Best Blog Recipes

Another perfectly simple way to get the kids involved with baking this Halloween is with these Halloween marshmallow pops. These are super tasty, easy to make and won’t break the bank. This version includes a black icing and multicolour Halloween themed sprinkle finish.


Jack O Lantern Macaroons

Credit: Eats Amazing

What would a Halloween blog be without some pumpkin themed bakes?! These jack o lantern macaroons can either be made from scratch or just bought and decorated for the more time-stretched baker. They are decorated by using chocolate matchmakers for the stalk and edible marker pen for the face. You can really get creative with these by drawing any face you want on them!


Witches Caldron Halloween Treats

Credit: Kids Craft Room

The final Halloween party food treat we have for you are these amazing witches caldron Halloween treats. They are made from a chocolate base and then decorated using different coloured sweets such as M&Ms and more. Perfect for any Halloween party.

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