GBBO - Top Five Bakes Special

by Owen Redford

It’s time for our final GBBO inspired blog. What a finale Tuesday night’s episode was, with the remaining 3 bakers taking their hand to a mixture of entremets cakes as well as breads and biscuits. In the end, it was Sophie who was crowned this year’s GBBO winner but all three finalists really pulled out all the stops in this year’s final. Despite initial fears that the move to Channel 4 may damage the show as well as Prue’s Twitter hiccough earlier in the day (when she shockingly revealed the winner before the episode airing), the episode drew in more than 7 million viewers confirming that GBBO is stronger than ever.

This week’s blog contains bakes inspired by five of our favourite bakes from across the series. Enjoy!


Sophie’s Millionaire Jaffa Shortbread

Credit: Baking Queen 74

The first item on this week’s blog is inspired by non-other than the winner of this year’s competition; Sophie. Her Millionaire Jaffa Shortbread wowed the judges and we can see why. This recipe can be made in around 2 hours and is a great twist on a classic dessert.


Flo’s One in a Melon Cake

Credit: Sugar Hero

Next up we have one of the most memorable bakes of the whole series and a favourite here at BTC; Flo’s One in a Melon cake. This cake looks incredible and will live long in the memory of GBBO fans. This recipe can be made in around 2 and a half hours.


James’ Steamed Orange & Ginger Pudding

Credit: Recipes Made Easy

Third on this week’s list we have this amazing Orange and Ginger pudding which is inspired by the one James baked for pudding week. This festive flavoured pudding can be made in around 1 hour 45 minutes and is a perfect desert for the colder months (serve with custard!).


Kate’s Raspberry Trifle Terrine

Credit: Sainsbury’s Magazine

Next up we have this Raspberry Trifle Terrine inspired by Kate’s bake from week 4. This particular recipe differs slightly from the version baked on the show (due to the trifle being frozen) however it is still so tasty. It can be made in around 35 minutes (plus some time for freezing).


Stacey’s Lemon Cheesecake Canoli

Credit: Hungry Happenings

The final recipe on this week’s list (and of our GBBO blog series) is this beautiful Lemon Cheesecake Canoli recipe inspired by Stacey’s bake from Italian week. These can be made in around 2 hours and serves around 24.


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Happy baking!