GBBO Blog- Pastry Special

by Owen Redford

GBBO blog time! This week in the tent we welcomed pastry week back and it was an eventful episode. In line with the pastry theme, we saw such bakes as savoury pies (Liam’s “Nan’s Sunday Dinner” savoury pies were a particular highlight) and a custard tart technical. This week we also saw 19-year-old Liam crowned star baker and sadly we had to say goodbye to Julia as she left the show after a less than impressive week. With only four more episodes to go, this series has really flown by and we here at Baking Time Club don’t want it to end.

Mixed Nut & Honey Baklava

Credit: Jamie Oliver

First up on this week’s list we have this amazing recipe for the middle eastern classic bake of baklava. This version is flavoured with mixed nuts and honey and can be made in around an hour and a half. If done right, the pastry should be very very flaky!

Pecan & Maple Pinwheels


Credit: BBC

Next up in our GBBO inspired pastry blog we have these delicious pecan and maple pinwheels. The airy Danish pastry has been covered in maple syrup, pecans and vanilla icing and they look incredible. This recipe can take a while to make with preparation and cooking time being around 2-3 hours but we guarantee it will be worth it once you’re tucking in to these treats.

White Chocolate & Strawberry Tart

Credit: Country Living

Thirdly on our list we have this very wintery-looking white chocolate and strawberry tart. This indulgent treat consists of crumbly pastry base, a white chocolate cream filling and then it is finally topped with sliced strawberries. This recipe can be made in less than an hour also.

Chocolate & Orange Twists

Credit: Lazy Cat Kitchen

Coming up on our pastry inspired blog we have a slightly different bake with these spectacular chocolate and orange twists. These flavours always go well together and this recipe is no different. This bake takes around an hour to make from start to finish.

Blackberry & Apple Parcels

Credit: A Mummy Too

And finally, on this week’s list we have these delicious blackberry and apple parcels. The flaky pastry on the outside looks amazing and the wintery flavours of blackberry and apple in the middle make this the perfect bake for the colder months. These can be made in around 45 minutes and we recommend serving them hot with some ice cream!

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Happy baking!