GBBO Blog - Forgotten Bake Special

by Owen Redford

GBBO blog time! This week’s quarter final episode saw the bakers take on ‘forgotten bakes’ such as Cumberland Rum Nicky and Bedfordshire Clangers, as well other recipes that had been long forgotten. One thing that won’t be forgotten about this episode however is the shock that occurred at the end of the episode. 19-year-old Liam, who was a fan favourite on the show and who a lot of people thought may have a chance of winning the entire thing, left the tent after a less than impressive performance.

Cumberland Rum Nicky

Credit: Lakeland

First up on this week’s list we have a bake that featured in this week’s episode and a lot of people may never have previously heard of before; Cumberland Rum Nicky. This bake is filled dates and candied ginger as well as a decent serving of spiced rum. This particular recipe can be made in around an hour.

Strawberry Coconut Tarts

Credit: Simply Stacie

Next up we have these delicious Strawberry Coconut tarts. This delicate treat has been popular over the years but less so recently and we here at Baking Time Club can’t understand why. The two main flavours of strawberry and coconut complement each other so well and will go perfectly with a cup of tea. This recipe can be made in around 45 minutes.

Baked Old Fashioned Donuts

Credit: Baked By An Introvert

Half way through this week’s edition of our forgotten bake blog we have these wonderful old fashioned baked donuts. The difference between these sorts of donuts and the more modern style is that these can be made with either sour cream or buttermilk for a slightly different flavour and consistency. This recipe can be made in around half an hour. Who needs Krispy Kreme!

Apple Upside Down Cake

Credit: Rock Recipes

The penultimate bake on this week’s GBBO inspired blog is this amazing apple upside down cake. Although this bake may still be fairly well-known, we believe that it needs to make a comeback because it is just too tasty! This recipe can be made from start to finish in around an hour and makes for the perfect Sunday dinner dessert.

Old School Sugar Cookies

Credit: Somewhat Simple

Last but by no means least we have these beautiful old school sugar cookies. These are the simplest bake on the list but will definitely not leave whoever eats them disappointed. The best thing about them is they can be decorated and shaped to however you see fit so get creative! This recipe can be made from start to finish in around half an hour.

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Happy baking!