GBBO Blog - Bread Special

by Owen Redford

Three episodes in to the brand new series of Great British Bake Off and one of our favourite week’s here at Baking Time Club is already upon us; bread week! This week’s episode saw Julia crowned star baker with her earl grey infused tea cakes and snail-themed showstopper and unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Flo as she left the programme.

This week’s GBBO inspired blog centres around the bread theme with 5 superb recipe ideas for you to try at home.

Two Tone Pesto Bread Twists

Photo Credit: Lauren Caris Cooks

The first bake on this week’s list are these gorgeous two tone pesto bread twists. Although these look fairly complicated to construct, they are a lot easier than expected and can be made from start to finish in around an hour and a half. The pesto flavouring is really superb and the contrasting green and brown colours make this bake look especially appetizing.

Honey Oat Bread

Photo Credit: Beyond The Chicken Coup

Secondly on our list we have this mouth-watering honey oat bread. Although this bake takes around 2 hours 40 to make, it will be worth it if done right. The soft and doughy centre is complimented by the oat covered top and thick crust. This bread is perfect for your morning toast!

Cheesy Sage & Garlic Bread

Photo Credit: Delicious Magazine

Next up we have the most indulgent bake on our list; cheesy sage and garlic bread.  This Italian treat can be rustled up in around an hour and a half and will go perfect as a starter dish for a meal.  It is also relatively easy to make despite its technical appearance.

Artisan Bread

Photo Credit: It’s Always Autumn

Fourth up on our list we have this beautiful artisan bread. This doughy bread is labelled as “the easiest bread you’ll ever make” so will be perfect for bread beginners as well as bakers who want to make a really classic loaf.

Pretzel Bread

Photo Credit: Joyfood Sunshine

Our fifth and final bake on this week’s GBBO bread blog is this jaw-dropping pretzel bread. This bake can be made using a bread maker or via more traditional hand methods and will be finished in around 2 hours. This bread is perfect for sandwiches and will be sure to leave whoever eats it very satisfied with the finished product.

For more bread recipes check out our Pinterest board HERE.

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Happy baking!