Cinco De Mayo Baking Ideas

by Owen Redford

For Mexicans everywhere, Cinco De Mayo is a mass day of celebration, commemorating the Mexican army’s unlikely win over the French empire in the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. Since then, this day has been celebrated every year with different commemorative foods, parades, music and dances. So here at Baking Time Club, we have decided to put together a list of 5 baking ideas to set your Cinco De Mayo 2018 off in style!

Mexican Coconut Candies

Credit: Sweet & Savory

The first bake in our Cinco De Mayo extravaganza are these delicious little old school Mexican coconut candies. The best thing about these is they can be made with only three ingredients; coconut flakes, dulce de leche, and some chopped macadamia nuts. These are super chewy and really tasty! These can be made in around 30 minutes and will serve 24.


Margarita Cake with Salted Lime Icing


Credit: The Road to Honey

Next up we have this beautiful and bright margarita cake with salted lime icing. The centre of the cake is a moist vanilla sponge with zingy lime zest to give it a nice citric flavour, and then each layer brushed with margarita. This recipe can be made in around 3 hours and will serve 15.


Party Piñata Cupcakes

Credit: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Third on our list we have these cute cupcakes inspired by everyone’s favourite Mexican party tradition; the piñata! These cupcakes can be made with any flavour that takes your fancy and then once you get to the middle, you are met with a surprise of brightly coloured sprinkles. These will go down great with the kids! This recipe can be made in around 3 hours and will serve 14.

If you fancy making some Cinco De Mayo cupcakes, check out our Cactus cupcake kit here:


Sombrero Cookies

Credit: Hungry Happenings

Next up are these delightful sombrero cookies. These colourful hat biscuits are perfect for a Cinco De Mayo party and similarly to the previous bake, they have a nice surprise in the middle! These can be made in around an hour and a half and will serve 32.

Bored of your sprinkle selection? Have a browse of all our new sprinkle mixes to try with this bake:


Churros Cupcakes


Credit: The DIY Lighthouse

The final bake on our Cinco De Mayo special blog are these Churros Cupcakes. If you haven’t had Churros before, they are a similar consistency to a doughnut and they are usually covered in cinnamon or sugar. These are really easy to make and the ingredients required won’t break the bank too! They can be made in around an hour and a half and will serve 12.

For more baking inspiration, check out our Cinco De Mayo Pinterest board.

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Enjoy, and please let us know if you make any of these recipes!