Bonfire Night (5th November) Baking Ideas

by Owen Redford

Remember remember the 5th of November!? This time of year is so good for cooking with lots of autumnal flavours and decorations becoming commonplace in the baking world. This week’s Baking Time Club blog post features some sparkling baking ideas for you to try this bonfire night. Get your sparklers at the ready!


Nutella Popcorn

Credit: The Baking Explorer

The first bake on our list is this delicious recipe for Nutella Popcorn. This recipe is really simple and will make the perfect addition to any firework display. It is made by combining corn syrup, brown sugar, kosher salt, butter, Nutella, vanilla extract and baking soda to create a delicious chocolatey glaze which can be added to popcorn and then baked.


Pumpkin Muffins

Credit: Celebrating Sweets

Although Pumpkins are traditionally associated with Halloween, they are super autumnal and the flavour goes perfectly in so many bakes this time of year. This recipe for pumpkin muffins is made from a spongey pumpkin cupcake base and then topped with a buttery crumble as well as cinnamon icing.

Why not add some Baking Time Club Vegan Galactic Gatsby sprinkles on top of these:


Apple Pie Cupcakes

Credit: I Am Baker

Who doesn’t love Apple Pie? These apple pie cupcakes are so delicious with a warming spiced flavour coming from the cooked apples within. This recipe can be made in around 35 minutes and will serve 12.


Carrot and Orange Tray Bake

Credit: Kitchen Sanctuary

Next up we have this recipe for this gorgeous carrot and orange tray bake with orange infused raisins. This tray bake style cake is easy to make and only contains a few ingredients. The sponge is really light and fluffy and contains all the flavours you would expect in a bake for this time of year. The recipe serves 16 pieces and can be made in around an hour and 15 minutes.  


Mini S’mores Pull Aparts

Credit: Simply Stacie

Next up we have these mouth-watering mini s’more pull aparts. This recipe only contains 4 ingredients; chocolate chips, marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs and refrigerated crescent rolls making it the perfect bake if you have limited time and want something delicious.


Raw Vegan Cinnamon Cheesecake

Credit: Vegan8

Don’t feel like turning the oven on? This one is for you. This raw vegan cinnamon cheesecake is ridiculously good, with creamy flavours and crumbly textures to keep you fulfilled this November. It is made from ingredients such as cashew nuts, almonds and agave honey and just needs freezing to set in place.


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