7 Ways To Get Creative With Ice Cream Sundaes & Milkshakes

by Owen Redford

With the restaurants and eateries beginning to sell more and more iterations of the ‘freakshakes’ as well as extravagant ice cream sundaes, we here at Baking Time Club have decided to put together a list of some vegan and non-vegan ways in which you can get creative with these kind of desserts this summer!

Chocolate Éclair Ice Cream Boat

Credit: Sugar Hero

The first idea we have in our list is this mouth-watering chocolate éclair ice cream sundae boat. This genius idea is made from slicing a chocolate éclair through the middle and filling it with ice cream, strawberries, bananas, chocolate sauce and of course some sprinkles to top it off. This recipe is definitely going to leave you feeling stuffed!


Vegan Pretzel Freakshake

Credit: Raw Berry Fields

Next we have this vegan pretzel freakshake (the first of 4 freakshakes on this list!). Although this recipe does look super indulgent, it is in fact refined sugar-free, completely vegan and made from ALMOST all natural ingredients. This freakshake looks so appealing with all of the cream and brown colours blending in perfectly and then additionally with the brownie, pretzel and coconut cream toppings.


Vegan Tropical Fruit Freakshake

Credit: Christina Key

Third on our list we have this very summer-y tropical fruit freakshake. This version of the popular drink is jam-packed full of delicious fruit including mangos, pineapple, passionfruit, coconut, grapes, blackberries and more meaning it should leave your waist line in tact after drinking it. This recipe looks so tropical with the berry skewers and ring of pineapple surrounding the top of the glass!


Brownie Bowl Sundae

Credit: Fitness Food Diva

Next up we have another sundae recipe in the form of these tasty brownie bowl sundaes. This super simple idea is perfect if you need something to bake with the kids this summer holiday as they are quick, easy and really appetising. Like the other recipes on this list, what makes these great is how easy it is to get creative with them by swapping flavours and toppings in and out.


Try topping these brownie bowls off with some Baking Time Club Ice Cream Fairy vegan sprinkles!


Vegan Vanilla Beetroot Freakshake

Credit: Veggie Desserts

Fifth on our list we have this scrumptious vegan vanilla and beetroot freakshake. This natural shake is also another good one to try with the kids this summer as it includes its fair share of fruit and veggies and can be made in 15 minutes. The recipe is comprised of bananas, beetroots, almond milk, vanilla extract that when blended together produces a beautiful purple colour and an even more beautiful flavour.


Cookie Lover’s Sundae

Credit: Buzzfeed

The second from last idea is this cookie lover’s sundae. This recipe is perfect for anyone who is addicted to Oreos as it is full of them! It is made from cookie butter, cookie dough ice cream, warm fudge sauce and crumbled Oreos. If you’re not an Oreo fan, try substituting them for some different types of cookies such as Maryland or Chips Ahoy.


Vegan Unicorn Vomit Freakshake

Credit: Reinas Y Repollos

The last recipe idea is this sweet and sugary unicorn vomit freakshake. We love the vibrant colours on this as well as the use of melted vegan chocolate to be able to stick sweets to the side of the glass. This recipe is perfect for unicorn lovers and will take around 10 minutes to make.


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