7 Bakes for Coffee Week

by Owen Redford

Happy international Coffee Week everyone! We have decided to put together a blog of some fantastically coffee-themed bakes for you to try this week. From snickerdoodles to macaroons, everything on this list is sure to go perfectly with your morning cup.


Cappuccino Vegan Cups

Credit: Lazy Cat Kitchen

The first bake are these delicious cappuccino vegan cups. These light bites are packed full of flavour and look amazing with their contrasting shades of brown. The ingredients include cashew nuts, maple syrup, coffee (obviously), cocoa powder and vanilla essence and they can be made in around an hour.


Coffee Bundt Cake

Credit: Marsha’s Baking Addiction

Next up we this beautiful coffee bundt cake. This cake looks so good and is infused with strong coffee flavours inside a moist sponge. The coffee flavoured drizzling on top really gives it a nice finishing touch also. This cake can be made in around an hour and will serve around 15 slices.


Coffee Truffles

Credit: Recipes Made Easy

Thirdly in our coffee week blog we have these coffee flavoured truffles. Not as heavy as the bundt cake, but by no means less flavourful, these little snacks will be the perfect bite to have alongside your favourite type of coffee. They can be made of milk, white or dark chocolate (depending on your preference) and can be made in around an hour.


Coffee & Bailey’s Macaroons

Credit: Liv For Cake

Next up we have these amazing coffee & Bailey’s flavoured macaroons. These are the perfect fusion of two flavours with the coffee flavoured outer and the Bailey’s flavoured ganache in the centre. Although macaroons can be difficult to get right, these are definitely worth the attempt. This recipe can be made in around 2 hours and will serve 20.


Coffee Cupcakes

Credit: Loving It Vegan

Following on, we have these wonderful vegan coffee cupcakes with coffee icing. Nothing beats a cupcake and these vegan coffee ones are super tasty. The use of cinnamon in this recipe gives them an added edge and it’s nice to know that no animals have been hurt in the making of these. This recipe can be made in around 45 minutes and will serve 12 cupcakes.


If you fancy trying these cupcakes, have a browse of our cupcake kit collection to give it an additional touch!

Coffee Snickerdoodles

Credit: The Life Jolie

The second from last bake are these lovely coffee snickerdoodle cookies. These are made from cinnamon, sugar, coffee, butter, eggs and baking soda and are the perfect light snack. Although the flavours are intense, they aren’t overpowering and the light texture really makes these memorable. This recipe can be made in around 20 minutes making them perfect if you need to bake something quickly.


Mocha Layer Cake

Credit: Cookie Dough & Oven Mitt

Last but by no means least we have this mouth-watering mocha layer cake. This dense and moist cake has coffee flavours all the way from the brown icing on top, all the way through to the sponge in the middle. This recipe can be made in around an hour and a half.


For more baking inspiration, check out our Coffee Week Pinterest board.

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Enjoy, and please let us know if you make any of these recipes!