6 Twists On Apple Pie Day

by Lavinia Drake

1) Apple Pie Cookies

Photo Via Oh Bite It

With a lattice crust design, these cookies look like bite-sized versions of the real thing—and they basically are. They use real pie crust (which you can buy frozen) and apple pie filling. Although weaving the crust can be time-consuming, just remember: When it’s all over, you get to eat these tasty cookies!

2) Apple Pie “Lasagna”

Photo Via Beyond Frosting

It’s not what you think—it’s better. This dessert mimics the shape of lasagna, but its ingredients are far from vegetables. Instead, it’s built on layers consist of crackers, caramel, brown sugar, cream cheese, apple pie filling, whipped cream, and chocolate toffee. Is your mouth watering yet?

3) Apple Pie Pancakes

Photo Via Tastes Better from Scratch

If you feel too guilty about having pie for breakfast (although we wouldn’t judge!) whip up a batch of these apple pie pancakes. With freshly grated apple in the batter and a diced apple topping, these are the perfect homemade treat for any Sunday morning.

4) Apple Pie Ice Cream

Photo Via Appetite for China

This is a great alternative to pie if you want something that’s a little lighter for dessert. Simple homemade vanilla ice cream with small chunks of apples and nuts of your choice. If apple pie is your favorite treat of all time, serve this on top for a doubly delicious dessert experience.

5) Apple Pie Donuts

Photo Via Shugary Sweets

Deep-fried apple pie—why didn’t we think of that?! These donuts can be made in 30 minutes with a few smart shortcuts, and are a fun, indulgent twist on a holiday classic. Feel free to leave off the peanuts if anyone is allergic—these will taste just as fine without them.

6) Spiced Apple Pie Cupcakes with Caramel Buttercream

Photo Via Baked By Rachel

Don't these apple pie cupcakes look gorgeous? Inside each spiced cake is a scoop of apple pie filling, and served on top of the cake is a delicious sweet buttercream that is topped with mouth-watering drizzles of caramel sauce. If you are a fan of both apple pies and caramel, then these cupcakes are just what you need.

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