5 Fun Back To School Lunch Box Ideas

by Owen Redford

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Most parents will agree that it can often be hard to get your kids to enjoy healthy and nutritious meals and this includes back to school lunches. We here at Baking Time Club want to help with this and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 fun lunch ideas to make your kids look forward to the lunch bell. Instead of chucking their boring old ham and cheese sandwiches in the bin, these ideas will bring some excitement back into their lunchboxes with dinosaur, batman, boat, train and more themed ideas for their mid-day meal.

Fruit Trains

Photo Credit: MyMommyStyle

First up on a list we have these brilliant fruit trains. These trains look amazing and are very simple to make. Best of all, they are a great way of maximizing the amount of fruit your child is consuming in in their day to day life. This one includes watermelon, grapes, banana, blueberries and pineapple but these can easily be changed for fruit to match their individual preferences.  Choo-choo!


Mini Pepper Boats

Photo Credit: EatAmazing

Next up we have these delicious mini pepper boats. This fun savoury snack is sure to go down well with its cream cheese filling and carrot sail. With only 3 ingredients these won’t break the bank and can also be constructed very quickly during those morning rushes.


Bento Boxes

Photo Credit: Hative

Bento boxes are traditionally from Japan and contain small portions of meat/fish, vegetables and rice usually in a box container.

Our first example focuses around these animal bento boxes. They include fun owl, fish, bunny, lion and cow shaped sandwiches and different selections of fruit and vegetables on the side. The sandwiches are cut out to resemble different faces of the animals to make them extra appealing to children.


Photo Credit: Brit

Alternatively, you use different shapes to suit your child’s tastes including dinosaurs or astronauts for example.


Try our Dinosaur Cookie Cutters when making Dinosaur themed bento boxes HERE


Cheese & Carrot Coins

Photo Credit: EatsAmazing

Next on our list we have these cheese and carrot coins that are perfect for lunchboxes. The carrots have a shape cut out the centre which is then filled with a cheese shape to make them the perfect fun savoury lunch box snack.


Teddy Bear Pizzas

Photo Credit: AnnabelKarmel

Finally on our fun lunch box snack list we have these cute teddy bear pizzas. Pizzas are a favourite among a lot of kids and these mini teddy bear shaped ones are sure to go down well when they open their lunchboxes. The pizzas are made of a mozzarella and tomato puree on a mini pizza dough base and then topped with either your choice of meat or vegetables to design the teddy bear face.


For more fun lunch ideas, check out our Pinterest board HERE.


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Happy baking!