5 Baking Ideas For Chinese New Year

by Owen Redford

It’s nearly time for Chinese New Year! This year’s celebration on Friday 16th February will welcome in the year of the dog and we here at Baking Time Club can’t wait. With over 1.4 billion estimated to celebrate world-wide this year, we have decided to compile a list of Chinese New Year baking ideas for you to try out this February. Enjoy!


Vanilla & Matcha Green Tea Bread

Credit: Fuelling The Fork

The first bake in our Chinese New Year spectacular is this amazing Vanilla and Matcha Green Tea bread. Matcha Green Tea is a staple in the Chinese diet and we particularly love this bread form of the popular flavour. It has a firm outer layer and a doughy soft green inner. This particular recipe takes around 45 minutes to make and will serve around 12 people.


Chinese Pineapple Cakes

Credit: Kirbie Cravings

Next up we have these beautiful Chinese Pineapple Cakes. These are a famous pastry in Taiwan and are made from a shortbread casing with a thick pineapple filling. These are quite complicated to make (even though they may not look it), however they are definitely worth it!


Home-made Chinese Donuts

Credit: Handle The Heat

Next up we have a Chinese buffet favourite; the Chinese Homemade Donut. This recipe has a delicious exterior crunch and a smooth crumbly inside which makes it so perfect. These are particularly nice served with ice cream. These can be made in around an hour and serves 10 to 12 people.


Chinese Purple Sweet Potato Buns

Credit: GoodShare

Next on our Chinese New Year list we have these Chinese Sweet Potato Buns.  These are super easy to make and will give you that traditional Chinese taste or your New Year’s celebrations. These can be made in around an hour and a half and will serve 12-15.


Matcha Green Tea Macaroons

Credit: Indulge With Mimi

Finally, on our Chinese New Year list we have another Matcha Green Tea Recipe with these beautiful macaroons. These have a delicious texture with green tea and vanilla flavourings that really complement each other. These serve around 15-20 and can be made in around an hour and a half.


Our Phoenix Flame sprinkle mix is perfect for some CNY Cupcakes or any other festive baking ideas you may have!

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Enjoy, and please let us know if you make any of these recipes!