Top 5 Marvel Comic Book Cakes

by Lavinia Drake

For all you Marvel fans out there it's Free Comic Book Day! So, as avid bakers as well as fans of Marvel, we have compiled a list of cool fondant layered cakes that recreate our top 5 marvel characters.

1. The Incredible Hulk Smash Cake

One of the most famous marvel characters, The Incredible Hulk, has a cake or two dedicated to him. Whether or not it is an incredible hulk birthday cake, or one for Comic Book day, any fan of The Hulk will admire this beastly cake.

(Cake by PoshTiger)

As you can see you don't have to be a little boy to still like The Hulk... This cake for BJ's 38th birthday is really cool, the green and purple colours of course match the Hulk themed cake. Also the purple pearls are a nice element of this cake as well as the cars (most damaged goods during Hulk's road rage...)

Also the actual hulk figure ripping out of the cake adds a nice touch and sums up the Hulk as he is.. a creator of destruction! To see more cakes like this one go ahead and see our pinterest board for Hulk cakes.

2. Go Spidey Spiderman Cake

Spiderman is definitely a fan favourite. From being a "nerd" at school to your friendly neighbour and superhero, he has a few had a few cakes and delicatessens made after him. Here is our Spiderman superhero cake.

(Cake by Sugar Rush Cakes)

You don't have to be a 5 year old to enjoy some good ol' Spiderman cake, but this lovely fondant layered cake is one of the best looking cakes we found. The blue, red and black are the colours of Spiderman, so they have done an excellent job of adding them into this Spiderman cake.

The black Spiderman symbol and figurine which sits at the top of the cake are awesome, as well as those "Pow!" "Bam!" "Krunch" superhero cake toppers. They really make the cake stand out, we have some cool Superhero Cake Toppers that are similar that you can see below. For more Spiderman cake ideas click here!

3. Iron Man Cake

For cake number 3 in our marvel collection, we have picked this amazing cake dedicated to none other than Mr. Tony Stark aka Iron Man. A favourite in the marvel world because of his legendary wit and crazy technological inventions.

(Cake by Sugar Rush Cakes)

Doesn't this Iron Man cake just look amazing? The yellow, red and black colours match Iron Mans suit, so it's really cool how they have incorporated these colours into the cake.

Also the design of the mask on the cake is identical to Irons Mans actual mask, so a great job there! Finally, my most favourite element of this Iron Man Cake has to be the Arc Reactor (heart) that the baker has remodelled for this cake, an excellent touch.

Definitely the best looking fondant cake we could find, sure to delight any Iron Man fans, and to see some more cakes like this one or a few more that are more simple, then feel free to check out our pinterest board!

4. Captain America Cake

Coming up at spot number 4 of our Top 5 Marvel Comic Cakes, is the infamous Captain America. Not only is he loved by the Americans (for obvious reasons), but he also is admired by the world of Marvel fans for his courage, bravery and strength.. So here is our Captain America inspired superhero cake!

(Cake by Ourknightlife)

Another awesome fondant cake dedicated this time for Captain America. The blue, red and white USA flag colours make this cake perfect for any Captain America fan, the white stars and red stripes really make the cake look amazing.

Also the Captain America figurine on the top of the cake add the finishing touch. If you are a fan then be sure to share this decorative cake with other CA fans that you know. For more Captain America themed cake ideas and inspiration, click here.

5. Iron Hammer Thor Cake

The final cake in our Top 5 Marvel Cakes edition, is dedicated to the God of Thunder and his enchanted hammer Mjolnir, to the mighty Thor. Known for his brute strength and superhero powers, Thor is a Marvel favourite, at least for us, so here is a Thor themed cake.

(Cake by Inesquecível Casamento)

(Ignore Iron Man in the background) but this amazing fondant layered cake is truly a piece of art, and one fit for any fan of Thor. It has 5 layers, which are more than any of the other superhero cakes and the attention to detail is fantastic.

From the black, red, gold and silver colours, to the red cape, this Thor cake is really well structured. The bottom layer of the cake shows cracks which is caused by Thor's hammer, and the third and second tiers are nice and simple.

The black and gold fourth tier reflect the colour themes, and the Thor figure on top is very well detailed. So fellow bakers and fans, take notes on this cake. For more Thor inspired cakes please see our pinterest board.

Time to wrap it up!

So that is our list of the Top 5 Marvel Comic Book Cake! If you want to see a whole ensemble of awesome Marvel superhero cakes, then feel free to visit our pinterest board.

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