Wondering what to make for the next holiday season or themed party? Get inspired with these baking and decorating blogs

  • Top tips to reduce food waste in your food business

    'Did you know? 1/3 of all food produced is WASTED before it gets to the plate' - Too Good To Go Food waste occurs throughout the production and sale of...

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  • How to make a Cake Jar

    How to make a Cake Jar If you're making a cake for a special occasion and make too much or have left over sponge off-cuts and buttercream from piping bags...

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  • 12 Ways to Decorate a Halloween Cake
    This Baking Time Club blog post features some super spooky cake baking ideas for this Halloween! Including haunted houses cakes, marshmallow spiderweb icing and more.
    12 Ways to Decorate a Halloween Cake

    Can you believe it’s nearly time for Halloween again?! With the best of the summer weather well and truly behind us, the autumn is now here with all the festivities...

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  • 8 Ways to Decorate Christmas Cupcakes

    Christmas is a time to get creative, and how better than with decorating cupcakes! Here are some of our favourite cupcake creations and decorations, featuring: Santa cupcakes, Reindeer cupcakes, Snowman cupcakes, Christmas wreaths....

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  • How To Host a Pirate Themed Birthday Party

    If you're planning a children's pirate themed birthday party, we've put together some of our favourite ideas for you.  A birthday party isn't a party without a cake! Whether your...

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  • 9 Ways to Decorate a Spiderman Birthday Cake

    Lately at the Baking Time Club HQ, we’ve been receiving a lot of messages regarding a certain New York City web-slinger. Questions like; “Which Baking Time Club sprinkles would work...

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