Sprinkle Subscription - March 17

by Owen Redford


March saw the first of our gluten-free and dairy-free cake sprinkle subscription boxes ship to our subscribers.

A few weeks after the box has shipped we release the sprinkle mixes on to the website so everyone can enjoy them! This month we launched Magical Stardust and Springtime Sprinkles. 

In March we offered two options of subscription level, which grew to three in April.

Super-Sprinklelicious March box:

Super-Sprinklelicious contains 2 x 120g packs of surprise sprinkles. Total Value of £16.47 inc UK shipping, via subscription only £9.99.


Sprinklelicious March box:

Sprinklelicious contains 2 x 60g packs of surprise sprinkles. Value of £10.47 inc UK shipping, via subscription only £7.49.  Worldwide shipping available.

Magical Stardust inspired by a lot of Harry Potter reading and wishing we could perform magical tricks mixed with a love of sugar rocks and confetti stars is now available to buy in 60g or 120g packs here:


Springtime Sprinkles were created in reflection of the changing seasons, the green grass, butterflies and flowers which were starting to bloom as we approached Easter. Enjoy Springtime Sprinkles all year around available to buy in 60g or 120g packs here:

SPRINKLES IN ACTION Magical Stardust sprinkles adorn this cosmic inspired Victoria Sponge:

Magical Stardust Sprinkles 

Photo by Lavinia at Baking Time Club.

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Sign up for the next months Sprinklelicious Subscription here or keep checking back for the next sprinkle mixes to join the fun.

Happy baking!