How to make Almond Nut Milk using a Nut Milk Bag - Video and Recipe

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I stopped drinking cows milk three years ago, after I saw an allergy specialist, who diagnosed me with a dust mite allergy, set off by being dairy intolerant. Since then I've tried every variety of nut milk, soya milk, coconut, rice and oat milk, the one thing I didn't like about them was the added ingredients... additives and preservatives, those things we don't really know what are doing to our bodies. So I decided to start making my own Almond Nut Milk, and thus launched my launch my own Nut Milk Bag, which you can buy here.  I've also created a video here on how to make it.


Soak nuts the night before or ideally for at least 5 hours.
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You will need: 1 cup of almonds, soaked the night before in water.

Place the almonds and 3 cups of water into a blender, blend at the highest speed for 1 minute or until the consistency of a smoothie.

2. Open the Nut Milk Straining bag in a large bowl or jug, pour the almonds, coconut or cashew milk into the bag.

3. Use the handy drawstring, to pull up and close the bag, then twist the bulk of the crushed nuts in both hands, to squeeze out the extra milk. Refrigerate the filtered nut milk, add sweetener or vanilla extract to taste.

4. Save the nut pulp residue to make a delicious dessert, dip or snack with.

The great thing about making your own nut milk, is you can make it while the kettle boils in time for your tea or coffee, quicker than popping to the shops. (As long as you have pre-soaked the nuts). The mesh nut milk bag is easy to clean, just turn inside out, rinse under the tap then hang to dry. Buy your own Nut Milk Bag here.

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Nut Milk Bag by Baking Time