Wondering what to make for the next holiday season or themed party? Get inspired with these baking and decorating blogs

  • Pretzel Day Baking Ideas
    This Baking Time Club features some delicious baking ideas for Pretzel Day on 26th April 2018!
    Pretzel Day Baking Ideas

    The 26th April is National Pretzel Day so we thought there was no better way to celebrate than with 7 delicious pretzel themed baking ideas for you to try! Whether...

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  • 7 Bakes for Coffee Week
    This Baking Time Club blog includes baking ideas for Coffee Week 2018!
    7 Bakes for Coffee Week

    Happy international Coffee Week everyone! We have decided to put together a blog of some fantastically coffee-themed bakes for you to try this week. From snickerdoodles to macaroons, everything on...

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  • 7 Tasty Treats for World Health Day
    Have a read of our World Health Day blog including some baking ideas for you to try!
    7 Tasty Treats for World Health Day

      Did you know, approximately 1.7 million (2.8%) of deaths worldwide are attributable to low fruit and vegetable consumption? According to the World Health Organisation (link), so we’ve put together...

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  • Easter Cake Baking
    These delicious Easter cake baking ideas are sure to go down a treat this April!
    Easter Cake Baking

    Part 2 of our Easter blog series! Last week we highlighted some fantastic Easter Cookies which we hope you liked and maybe even tried yourself, but this week we’re moving...

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  • Easter Cookie Bakes
    Part one of our Easter blog contains some delicious Easter cookie bakes for you to try!
    Easter Cookie Bakes

    With the worst of the winter whether hopefully behind us, we can now start looking forward to Spring time. That means one thing for us bakers; Easter! We’ve put together...

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  • Bakes for Mother's Day

    🌸💜 Treat the lovely lady in your life this Mother’s Day with one of these delicious bakes. There is a mixture of chocolatey, fruity, vegan and gluten-free ideas to ensure...

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