Wondering what to make for the next holiday season or themed party? Get inspired with these baking and decorating blogs

  • 6 Twists On Apple Pie Day

    1) Apple Pie Cookies Photo Via Oh Bite It With a lattice crust design, these cookies look like bite-sized versions of the real thing—and they basically are. They use real pie...

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  • Top 5 Marvel Comic Book Cakes

    For all you Marvel fans out there it's Free Comic Book Day! So, as avid bakers as well as fans of Marvel, we have compiled a list of cool fondant...

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  • 6 Simple Cupcake Ideas For Your Baby Shower

    One of the best thing about baby showers are the cupcakes. Whether you are the expectant mother having a baby or a friend planning the party for this special occasion, we...

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  • 10 Inspiring Cakes to Bake this Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! So its time to get baking, for the love of cake!  Feast your eyes on these inspirational cakes, we have 10 totally amazing Valentine’s...

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  • Chiclet Christmas Gift Guide
    What do Italian Chocolates, Bicycle Gripsters, Children Body Wash and False Nails have in common? Read the post to discover what a Chiclet business is and how to make a dream come true with this Christmas Gift Guide.
    Chiclet Christmas Gift Guide

     This August I joined a business accelerator program called Entrepreneurial Spark, where I have been pushed out of my comfort zone on a weekly basis and I've launched this shiny new...

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  • Fantastic Beast Cakes and Where to Find Them

    Fantastic Beast cakes and where to find them to make, for this blog post, I used my copy of the Comic Relief version circa 2001. Fantastic Beasts and Where to...

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