Which Sprinkles are Best for Small Children?

by Owen Redford

When using sprinkles in bakes, they can often include styles that may be difficult for children to eat or even cause a potential hazard. We’ve been asked a few times which of our sprinkles are “child-friendly” and can be used when baking with kids in mind. At Baking Time Club, we have loads of sprinkle singles and mixes that fall into this category, which include sprinkles with pearls no bigger than 4mm (pearls are round and crunchy and have a similar consistency to the famous Nerds brand of sweets/candy). Have a read below for some of our most popular sprinkles that are completely suitable for kids and click on the titles to be taken to the corresponding page on our website. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us!

Clouds of Rain


Clouds of Rain is one of our 2019 weather-inspired sprinkle mixes, that includes blue, white and grey cloud shapes and nonpareils.


Gingerbread House


Our gingerbread house sprinkle mix is a Christmas themed mix that is completely child-friendly and will go perfectly with your festive baking.




Hades is part of our Mythical School House sprinkle bundle and features green, black and silver sprinkles in a magical combo of confetti coins, strands, pearls, stars, non pareils.




Helios is another sprinkle mix from our Mythical School House bundle ad features a vibrant combination of yellow and black black bats, strands, pearls, non pareils, stars and sequins.


Ice Cream Fairy


Everyone knows that kids love ice cream, so our Ice Cream Fairy sprinkle mix is completely child-friendly and features pink, yellow, blue, green and white sprinkles in pearlised pearls strand jimmies as well as non-pareils and love hearts.


Lightning Bolts


Lightning Bolts is another 2019 sprinkle release from or weather inspired pack and is made up of bright yellow lightning bolt-shaped sprinkles.


Love is Love


A customer favourite, our Love is Love sprinkle mix features multi coloured non-pareils, hearts, pearls & sugar strands which will look great on cookies, cakes or anything else you decide to use them with.


Magical Stardust


Magical Stardust consists of a mystic mix of silver and purple pearls, jimmies and non pareils which can look great in magic or space themed bakes. 




Neptune is another sprinkle mix from our Mythical School House Bundle and consists of a beautiful mix of blue, black and silver confetti coins, strands, pearls, stars and non pareils.


Nonpareils - Singles or Mixed


A super popular sprinkle type are our nonpareils. They look great on just about anything and come in loads of different colours and mixes, making them a great child-friendly option for baking.


Pastel Rainbow Confetti Sequins


Pastel Rainbow Confetti Sequins are a really nice colourful mix which can look great in summer-themed baking due to their texture and mix of colours.


Patriotic Party


Our Patriotic Party sprinkles consist of red, blue and white pearls, stars, sugar strands, and non pareils and are perfect for people who want to celebrate their country on both sides of the Atlantic.


Rainbow Confetti Stars / Rainbow Hearts


Rainbow Stars /Rainbow Hearts consist of rainbow coloured star or heart shapes and they are a really effective way of giving your bake a pop of colour.


Spring Blossom


Spring Blossom is a green grass inspired sprinkle mix with flowers, strands and butterfly shapes which will look great on your Easter themed bakes.


Spring Surprise


Similarly to Spring Blossom, Spring Surprise is perfect for colourful Easter bakes and consists orange, blue, yellow, purple and pink pearls and sequins.


Star Gazer


Star Gazer is definitely a sprinkle mix to unleash your inner-astronaut. It includes black, purple, red, blue and gold non-pareils, strands, stars, confetti coins and sugar crystals.


Sugar Strands - Singles or Mixed


Whether you opt for a single pack or mixed, our Sugar Strand range is one of the easiest ways to add that something extra to your bakes.


Valentine's Hearts / Valentine's Hearts Mix


Coming in both a traditional Valentine’s red colour, as well as a mix of purple and white, our Valentine’s Hearts sprinkles will go down a treat for any February 14th themed bakes.




Sprinkle mix number four from our Mythical School House sprinkle bundle includes red, yellow & orange pearls, sequins, non pareils & sugar strands.


Yellow Ducks


Yellow Ducks is one of our latest 2019 sprinkle mixes and can be used to add a splash of colour to any animal/farm themed birthday parties.


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