How To Host a Pirate Themed Birthday Party

by Tori Walker
If you're planning a children's pirate themed birthday party, we've put together some of our favourite ideas for you. 
A birthday party isn't a party without a cake! Whether your a keen baker or like to keep it simple there are plenty of options. The under-the-sea, pirate ship, tiered cake featured below is quite complex but a similar cake can be achieved with a simple blue fondant or buttercream cake and our Pirate Ship cake topper.

Credit: Brit Morin

If you are wanting to challenge yourself, why not try a treasure island cake? 
We love these treasure chest cake pops filled with gold confetti sprinkles and rainbow 4mm pearls. They require patience and a steady hand but will be worth it for a Pirate's reward. 
You could even use our Vegan & Gluten Free 'Pirate's Treasure' Cake Sprinkles (available in 60g, 120g, and 1kg resealable packs). 
Cupcakes are a great alternative or addition to a main birthday cake. With no cutting involved, everyone can help themselves and get stuck in! Check out this crocodile cupcake cake which would look amazing on it's own or next to a pirate ship cake. 
For an easier option, you can make and decorate 24 cupcakes with our fun Pirate Bounty Cupcake Kit which includes: 24 red & white striped cupcake cases with skull & cross bones, pirates and parrot cake toppers.
Get creative and have fun with savoury snacks. Cheesy balls make great cannon balls while breadsticks and pretzel sticks can be used as swords or Pirates' peg legs. 
Decorations will help create the feel of a pirate party, no matter how big or small. Some simple bunting can transform a room and a decorated table can be a great place for guests to leave presents. Don't forget children love to use their imagination and something as simple as a boat made from cardboard boxes can allow their imaginations to run wild. 
Party games are a great way to help keep kids entertained and get everyone involved. Get creative with a walk the plank game or Captain Hook's ring toss. 
It's always fun to let guests take something away from a birthday party! Why not send them away with a Pirate themed party bag, filled with Pirate loot and treasure. These can be created by drawing a treasure map on a plain brown paper bag with a crocodile peg to secure. 
For more Pirate inspiration and party ideas, have a look at our Pinterest Board 'How to Host a Pirate Themed Party'how-to-host-a-pirate-party-by-baking-time-club