Halloween Cookie Baking Ideas

by Owen Redford

Week of three of our Halloween blog saga and we have for you some amazing Halloween cookie baking ideas. Cookies are great and simple way to get all the family involved in baking and can be especially nice at Halloween, when people want to get creative in the food they’re eating.

Spooky Spider Cookies

Something Sweet Something Savoury

The first bake on our Halloween cookie blog we have these crazy spider cookies. These are a brilliant idea to try this October 31st, with chocolate buttons being used to shape the spider body and melted chocolate for the legs. Finally candy eyeballs are used for the eyes which creates a fun and spooky look.


Slice and Bake Halloween Sugar Cookies

Credit: Sugar Hero

Next up we have an innovative Halloween baking idea in the form of these slice and bake Halloween sugar cookies. This recipe produces enjoyable sugar cookies in a range of attractive colours with Halloween designs in the centre, including black cats, pumpkins and more. This recipe takes around 70 minutes to make and will serve 28 cookies.


Gooey Monster Cookies

Credit: Liluna

Thirdly on our Halloween cookie blog, we have these multi-coloured gooey monster cookies. These are guaranteed to be a favourite with the kids at a Halloween party as their bright colours and fun looks go great with their delicious taste. This version are all the same flavour however can be made different flavours to correspond with the colours quite easily, and will give them an added twist. This recipe serves 24 and will take around 30 minutes to make.


Halloween Iced Sugar Cookies

Credit: Unknown

This recipe is a Halloween classic and comes in the form of iced sugar cookies. The designs pictured here include Mexican Day of the Dead style skeletons, pumpkins, gravestones and skeletons. As with some of the other bakes on this list, these cookies really allow for a lot of creative license in terms of the colour of icing and the iced design itself.

Mouse Oreo Cookies

Credit: Induldgy

Who doesn’t love an Oreo?! The fifth bake we have for you this week are these fantastic mouse shaped Oreo cookies. These are made from attaching mini Oreos to the inner section of regular Oreos to create the mouse shape. They are then decorated using candy pumpkin face features, icing and sprinkles to create a brilliant Halloween bake.

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Zombie Chocolate Chip Cookies

Credit: The Decorated Cookie

The second last bake on our Halloween cookie list are these zombie chocolate chip cookies. These cookies can either be made from scratch or shop bought (depending on time and baking ability) and decorated using food markers and candy eyes to make them look like undead zombies! This recipe makes around 28 cookies.

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