12 Ways to Decorate a Halloween Cake

by Owen Redford

Can you believe it’s nearly time for Halloween again?! With the best of the summer weather well and truly behind us, the autumn is now here with all the festivities it brings with it. None of these gets us more excited than Halloween, with all the sweet treats this celebration involves such as candy, cakes and more. Therefore, we have decided to put together a blog featuring some amazingly spooky Halloween themed cakes for you to try this October.


Halloween Bundt Cake

Credit: Love Bakes Good Cakes

The first bake in our spooky Halloween cake blog is this beautiful Halloween bundt cake. This cake is made up of an orange, purple, black and green inner sponge and then topped with icing and sprinkles of the same colour. This bake is perfect if you want to wow guests at a Halloween party you’re throwing, due to its bright and attractive colours and design. This recipe serves around 18-24 people.


Haunted House Cake

Credit: Andrea Sullivan

Next up we have this incredible haunted house cake. This bake is shaped in the form of a classic haunted house, with all the Halloween themed components such as gravestones, ghosts, pumpkins, keep out signs and more! It is the little details on this bake that really make it pop, such as the engravings on the door and individual roof tiles as well as the customizable signs on the outer exterior.


Monster Eye Cake

Credit: The Cake Blog

Third on our list we have a simple, yet brilliant Halloween bake in the form of this monster eye cake. This cake is perfect for the beginner baker as it doesn’t require the intricate icing skill that a lot of Halloween bakes require. The eyes are really the thing that stand out on this cake, and they are made from Oreos and M&M’s, which provide a pretty clever (and tasty) solution for this part of the cake.


Pumpkin Chocolate Halloween Cake

Credit: Baking A Moment

Next on our Halloween cake blog we have this trick or treaters paradise pumpkin Halloween cake. This cake really sums up the spirit of Halloween with a chocolate drip effect topped with all the sweets you’d expect to find on October 31st, such as Oreos, candy corn, sprinkles and more! This recipe takes around an hour and 25 minutes from start to finish and comprised of 4 layers.

Why try this bake with some of our Halloween sprinkles? Check out our Bats n Jacks Halloween sprinkles here:


Halloween Centipede Cake

Credit: Buzzfeed

When we think of Halloween, one of the first things that comes to mind are the creepy animals and creatures that are associated with it, and that’s what makes this Halloween centipede cake perfect for any event or party this October 31st. The bake is actually made from 4 different individually decorated black cakes as well as some poignant orange details that really make it pop!


Chocolate Lava Skull Cakes

Credit: Plain Chicken

Chocolate + Lava + Skulls = a Halloween baking dream! This next bake is a delicious idea that will go down well at any Halloween party. These chocolate lava skulls are made from a moist chocolate cake recipe and then moulded into skull shapes. The best part however is definitely the gooey chocolate lava at the centre of the cake.


Rainbow Skull Drip Cake

Credit: Crazy For Us

If you prefer to go for a more arty design, rather than scary this Halloween, look no further than this amazing rainbow skull drip cake. As you may know, we love drip cakes here at Baking Time Club (read our blog on them here), and this particular iteration is jaw-dropping! The rainbow colours, impressive blue skull as well as the 2 ice cream cones that form horns on top make the this whole bake memorable. This bake looks more like something you’d find in an art gallery than in a bakery.


Ghostly Vegan Red Velvet Cake (Featuring Baking Time Club Halloween Nonpareil Sprinkles)

Credit: luvelia.louise

Our next bake comes in the form of this delicious red velvet cake, baked by one of our wonderful customers! We particularly love the way the black drip contrasts with the white icing, as well as how our Halloween Non Pareil vegan sprinkles have been used beautifully on top. Also, the cake is 100% vegan!


Halloween Hay Stack Cake

Credit: Sweet Magazine

Next up we have this family-friendly Halloween hay stack cake. The super Autumnal design of this cake is beautiful, and we particularly love the lazy witches cat at the bottom. The chocolate crumble on the base to create the idea of farm soil is also a great touch.


Halloween Pumpkin Cake

Credit: A Wicked Whisk

Nothing says Halloween more than black icing and pumpkin flavours and this bake combines them both! With black buttercream between each pumpkin layer as well as a shiny black iced outer, this bake gives off seriously spooky vibes.

Red Velvet Spider Cake

Credit: Sugar Hero

The penultimate Halloween bake in this blog is this frightening red velvet spider cake. The spider’s webs are made in a super creative way, by melting marshmallows and drawing the strings across the red velvet cake to create a webbed effect. The cake is comprised of a red velvet base and a chocolate buttercream icing. This bake can be made 2 and a half hours and will serve 16 people.


Strawberry Monster Cake

Credit: Say It With Cake

The final bake in our Halloween cake blog is this incredible strawberry monster cake. This is probably the scariest cake we’ve ever seen, with the individual monsters being created by using strawberries for the bodies and black gum paste for the tentacles. This actual cake itself is a white almond sour cream cake and is topped with whipped cream icing and ganache.


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