Fantastic Beast Cakes and Where to Find Them

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Fantastic Beast cakes and where to find them to make, for this blog post, I used my copy of the Comic Relief version circa 2001. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander, property of Harry Potter. The cakes below are based on some of the more commonly known A-Z of magical creatures! Having seen the film there were many new magical animals not yet discovered when the book was first published. For each creature named below the page reference is given, for additional reading up on these creatures qualities.

Acromantula "The Acromantula is a monstrous eight-eyed spoder capable of human speech" p1.

Chocolate sprinkles 8 eyed monster spider by Sprinkle Bakes.

Basilisk; "The first recorded Basilisk was bred by Herpo the Foul, a Greek Dark wizard and Parselmouth, who discovered after much experimentation that a chicken egg hatched beneath a toad would produce a gigantic serpent possessed of extraordinarily dangerous powers", p3.

This 6 foot long snake cake is made from bundt cakes with a rice crispy head and tail tip. See the tutorial here by Schooled in Love.

Centaur; " The centaur has a human head, torso and arms joined to a horse's body which may be any of several colours. Being intelligent and capable of speech, it should not strictly speaking be termed a beast, but by its own request it has been classified as such by the Ministry of Magic.", p6.

Centaurs taking Professor Umbridge deep into the Forbidden Forest, fantastic creation by Tanya of Novel-T Cakes.


 Dragons; "Probably the most famoud of all magical beats, dragons are among the most difficult to hide. The female is generally larger and more aggressive than the male, though neither should be approached by any but highly skilled and trained wizards." p10.

If sugar craft isn't your expertise then try this simple yet fun dragon cake, adjust the buttercream colours to suit your favourite dragon breed a Chiese Fireball or Hungarian Horntail, see the full tutorial here on Instructables.


Leprechaun; "More intelligent than a fairy and less malicious than the imp, the pixie or the Doxy, the Leprechaun is nevertheless mischievous.....Leprechauns produce a realistic gold-like substance than vanishes after a few hours, to their great amusement.


A cauldron of soon to vanish gold coins along with its 6 inch green creator, this Leprechaun cake is by Scooper2.


Manticore; "The manticore is a highly dangerous Greek beast with the head of a man, the body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion....Manticore skin repels almost all known charms and the sting causes instant death." p28.

This amazing cake is actually edible by The Cake Shop. Although I'd be scared of eating its deadly stinger.

Merpeople; "Merpeople exist throughout the world, though they vary in appearance almost as much as humans.....The oldest recorded merpeople were known as sirens (Greece) and it is in wamer waters that we find the beautiful mermaids so frequently depicted in Muggle literature and painting." p28-29.

I decided to pick a more beautiful mermaid, typical of my muggle brain! Cake by Shani's Sweet Creations.

Phoenix; " The phoenix is a magnificent, swan-sized, scarlet bird with a long golden tail, beak and talons....The phoenix lives to an immense age as it can regenerate, bursting into flames when its body begins to fail and rising again form the ashes as a chick." p32.

This Phoenix and Dragon cake was made for a magical themed wedding see here, cake created by Intricate Icings.

Unicorn; "The unicorn is a beautiful beast found throughout the forests of northern Europe. It is pure white, horned horse when fully grown, though the foals are initially golden and turn silver before achieving maturity." p40.

This realistic unicorn cake is by Marie-Antoine Carême.

Werewolf; "Once a month, at the full moon, the otherwise sane and normal wizard or Muggle afflicted transforms into a murderous beast. Almost uniquely among fantastic creatures, the werewolf actively seeks humans in preference to any other kind of prey."

An easy to make chocolate frosted and fondant faced werewolf cake.

Yeti; "A native of Tibet, the yeti is believed to be related to the troll, though no one has yet got close enough to conduct the neccessary tests. Up to fifteen feet in height, is it covered head to foot in the purest white hair." p42.

 This Yeti, looks friendly enough to approach and cut a slice of to eat! Made for a collection of cakes called Myths and Legends Sugar Art found here.

Creatures from the film which are in the book, that I'd love to see a cake based on: Billywig, Bowtruckle, Demiguise and Niffler, so send a photo if you make one.

For more Harry Potter inspired magical beast cakes see the Baking Time Club board on Pinterest. 


Make your own magical Unicorn cookies with this cute cutter.