Easter Cake Baking

by Owen Redford

Part 2 of our Easter blog series! Last week we highlighted some fantastic Easter Cookies which we hope you liked and maybe even tried yourself, but this week we’re moving on to some Easter cakes instead. So get prepared for lots of mini eggs, colourful icing and mouth-watering baking ideas for you to try.

Malteser Ice Cream Bunny Cake

Credit: Woman Magazine

 The first bake on our Easter cake special is this amazing Malteser Ice Cream Bunny Cake. There's so many Easter treats crammed in to one bake we can't quite believe it! The centre is formed of Ben & Jerries Ice Cream, vanilla sponge and then topped with chocolate icing, mini eggs and finally surrounded by Malteser Bunnies for that added touch.


Bunny Ear Cupcake

Credit: Baking Time Club

Next up we have this simplistic yet eye-catching bunny ear cupcake. This cake looks so good and is pretty straight forward to make. This cake is perfect for an Easter bunny themed party and looks even better with our Bunny Surprise sprinkles on!


Malted Coconut Cake

Credit: Country Living

Next up we have this super classy malted coconut Easter cake. The colours on this are so nice and will go perfectly with the duck-egg coloured biscuits from our Easter cookie blog.  


No Bake Mini Egg Cheesecake

Credit: Taming Twins

As you can tell by now, Mini Eggs are pretty essential for Easter baking and this no-bake cheesecake is no different! If you are in a rush this Easter time this is perfect due to the lack of oven-time required. As well as that, it looks ridiculously good.


Ultimate Easter Egg Cake

Credit: A Mummy Too

 The final bake on our Easter cake blog is the cake that is being called the 'Ultimate Easter Egg Cake'. Made up of Rice Krispies, melted marshmallows, Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs, it doesn't get more spectacular than this! 


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