Discover how our Natural Wax can make your Wood Chopping Board last longer

Posted on September 16 2016

Discover how our Natural Wax can make your Wood Chopping Board last longer

Do you have a wooden chopping block you use daily in the kitchen but have never thought to treat or season it?

Did you know that by treating a wooden cutting board with a natural wax, can help it last longer and prevent it becoming cracked, warped and dry?

A cracked chopping board can harbour old food particles and bacteria, by keeping the board well seasoned and moisturised you can prevent the risk of these bacterium getting into your meals.

Here is our heart shaped wood chopping block made from maple wood, before and after being treated with Chopping Block Wax.


The wood looks darker after it has been treated, this is because the wood is moisturized showing its true color. If a chopping block is looking pale, then it will usually require treating.

The Orange scented Chopping Block Wax by Baking Time Club is made in America from just three natural ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax and Organic Orange Essential Oil.

Coconut oil conditions and maintains the wood’s natural oil content of the board keeping it oiled and prevents cracking or warping.

Beeswax seals the wood to prevent odors and stains getting into the surface of the chopping block.

Orange Essential Oil lightly scents the wax with a fruity fragrance and adds the benefits orange essential oil being naturally bacterial.


How to use: Rub a small amount of wax over a clean dry wooden cutting board, then work the wax into the wood with a dry cloth in circular motions.

Leave to let the wax soak into the chopping board for 2 hours before using.

Repeat monthly to keep your board in the best condition.


Chopping Block Wax is available in two sizes both sold exclusively on Amazon USA:

4 oz Metal Tin with a Microfibre Application Pad OR 2.65 oz  Easy to Use Application Stick. Coming soon it UK an EU.

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