12 Ways To Use Sprinkles

by Moynul Amin

Sprinkles are something you must to add into your baking arsenal. There are lot's of different sprinkle types, from nonpareils, to edible pearls, to sugar strands and beyond...

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Most people use sprinkles just to garnish cakes and desserts, but little do they know that there are other fun and slightly unusual ways in which you can use decorative sprinkles!

You can use sprinkles to make objects or characters on your cakes. On her ‘april showers’ fondant layered cake, Billie created a cloud out of flower paste and used some water as glue to decorate the cloud with Baking Time Clubs Rainbows for Days sprinkles. As you can see the sprinkles turn this minimal cloud into a vibrant tasty looking one.

You can click here to read Billie’s full blog and get the recipe for this amazing cake.

Photo via cake.com.au

You can also use sprinkles to make piñata cakes! If you don’t know what piñata cakes are then simply put they are big cakes covered in frosting, and they have sprinkles and often sweets stuffed in the centre of the cake.. So when you cut into the cake, sprinkles and candy fall out of the cake! (hence why it is called a piñata cake)

Photo via Sweet2eatbaking

Another cool way you can use sprinkles is by adding them into buttercream for your pancake. This is called a funfetti cake batter crepe, and is a delicious twist to regular pancakes and syrup. A fun, tasty treat and something different to do for pancake day!

Photo via Baking Time Club

You can also use sprinkles when making chocolate bark! Sprinkle bark is really fun and easy to make, and this is a truly delicious treat for those of you with a sweet tooth, so next time you make melting down those leftover easter eggs be sure to add in a variety of sprinkles.. we recommend using one of our awesome sprinkle medleys.  

Photo via sweet_enchanted 

Another twist is to add a combination of sprinkles and sweets like jelly babies and dolly mixture (if you have a SERIOUS sweet tooth). The subtle crunch of the sprinkles and soft chewiness of the assorted sweets can go down really nicely with a rich buttercream frosted cake.

Photo via Feather Grey Parties

This one is for the campers out there.. When you sit around the great big fire telling stories, instead of doing the old burning marshmallows and dipping them in chocolate, why not dip then in chocolate AND sprinkles? Not only will your marshmallows look better but they will taste better!

Photo via Daddilife

Add them on top of doughnuts too. It is overlooked, but just look how nice glazed sprinkle doughnuts look in comparison to plain glazed doughnuts.

Photo via keepingupwiththeklassy

Funfetti cake pops. What are they you may ask? They are small balls of cake sponge that are dipped into white chocolate then smothered in glorious sprinkles. These are a real nice treat especially if you have kids around the house, and imagine handing them out plain, without sprinkles? They would be really boring. Roll these sweet pops with our rainbow for days sprinkles and then we’re talking!

Photo via refinery29

If you are a fan of ice cream sandwiches and oreos, slap on some ice cream of your choice on top of one oreo, then place another oreo on top of the ice cream and roll it through sprinkles and then you have the best oreo ice cream sandwich known to man!

Photo via karaspartyideas

Sprinkled glass rim. Dip the rim in chocolate sauce then roll it in a bed of sprinkles. Leave it to set then pour some hot chocolate or warm drink of your choice in there and then thank us later...

Photo via Awwsam

Now the next couple of items are not edible, but they are a fun and slightly imaginative ways to use sprinkles...

For example, AWWSAM has made these really cool DIY sprinkle hoop earrings! Bizarre right? She made them using hot glue and moulding them into a circular shape, then decorated them with sugar strands/jimmies.

Photo via bitzngiggles

How about bath bombs? Yep you heard right, bath bombs with sprinkles… Some people really do go overboard, earrings are one thing, but bath bombs are another. Here are some sprinkles bath bombs, so just in case you are missing your sprinkles whilst bathing, these bath bombs are just what you need!

That's all the fun ways we know of when it comes to using sprinkles, do you have any that we may have missed out? If so then please feel free to let us know! Also if you are running low on sprinkle supplies, then check out our range of lovely sprinkles!

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Sprinkles away!