3 Bakes For Ocean Day

by Bold Apps

Today is World Oceans Day! You may also be planning a Little Mermaid's birthday party, so today we will show you some ocean themed bakes. We will dive deep in this short blog post to help you throw a memorable ocean day mermaid party, by making your bakes look exquisite. To learn some tips on decorating your party venue, then after this post give our short How To Throw The Perfect Under The Sea Party blog post a read.


Photo Via Hannah Banana Bakery

First off let’s begin with a cake, after all what is a fun party without one? Doesn’t this cake look absolutely amazing and pretty?! If you have a little mermaid running around she will definitely stop in her tracks to admire this beautiful cake, which was made by Hannah. You can find her on Instagram as @hannahbananabakery.

Underneath the gorgeous, vibrant sprinkles and decorations is a simple sponge cake, which has been covered in sweet pink frosting. She has then covered the cake with Baking Time Club’s popular Mermaid's Tail Sprinkles, to turn this pink frosted cake into a glorious under sea experience with every bite.

She has then created some beautiful oyster shells with pearls and placed them on top of the cake, along with our Mermaid Cake Toppers. These toppers go perfectly with our Mermaids Cupcake Kit.

If this awesome cake and cupcake kit doesn’t scream pretty mermaids and ocean life then nothing else will.


Photo Via Heart Of Cake London

Next up on our list is cupcakes. These wonderful mermaid inspired vegan Oreo cupcakes were made by Lizzie. You can find her on Instagram @heartofcakelondon, and these once again feature our pretty Mermaid's Tail sprinkles that are also vegan. You can check out the entire cupcake kit here.

The chocolate sponge mix includes Oreos, hence the name oreo cupcakes. She then applied some beautiful vegan tri-colour buttercream frosting on top of the cupcakes, which includes pink, purple and ocean blue. Then of course, garnished with our sprinkles.


Photo Via Cookies Connection

Cookies! Not just any old cookies, sea life shaped cookies. These cookies will not only look unique but they also fit in perfectly with the theme. As you can see, these cookies look really cool and they are something a bit different which you can make in addition to the cakes and cupcakes. So grab your Sea Life Cookie Cutters and get baking some delicious ocean life cookies.

Photo Via Baking Time Club

That is all the sweet bakes you need to make it a cool ocean party. You don't need to be a baking pro, we make it super easy for you to decorate your bakes with our mermaid toppers and colourful sprinkles.

Our Mermaid's Tail sprinkles, Cupcake Kit and Sea Life Cookie Cutters will add the ocean touch and make your cakes and cookies look amazing. Below is a list of our sea life products that you can pick up:



Here is the ultimate ocean day shopping list:

If you now want to learn some tips on how to cost effectively decorate your actual party venue, then give our post a read How To Throw The Perfect Under The Sea Party. Thanks again for reading and let us know your thoughts and other topics you would like us to cover. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Happy baking!