12 Ways to Decorate a Gingerbread Man

by Lavinia Drake

The Christmas Season is upon us, so get baking some gingerbread men for home and work. These 12 different ways to decorate a gingerbread men will mean you never get bored of decorating our cookie friends. These fun homemade gifts which can be adapted to suit fans of Star Wars or Shrek plus those who love a Christmas snowman.


1. Halloween maybe over, but these skeleton gingerbread men, make a fun change and make your gingerbread men stand out from the crowd. Source Donna Hay.

2. So much fun to make with kids, then race the gingerbread men in sleighs after, not that we are encouraging you to play with your food ;) 
Use mini mars bars or similar mini chocolate bars, sandwich the small gingerbread men in between then use icing or melted chocolate to stick on candy canes to the sides of the sleighs, and off they go dashing through the snow! Source Foodie Quine.


3. "Not my gum drop buttons".......use white and red icing with gumdrops or jelly tots to recreate your own gingerbread men like the ones from the film Shrek. Source Diamonds for Dessert.


4. Bake your own army of Gingerbread Wookiees like Chewbacca from Star Wars. Cut out your Gingerbread men then used a fork, to add the fur texture, before placing in the oven. Once cool, decorate using white, brown and purple icing. Source Sugar Nerds.


5. Bake your own Gingerbread children, use red, black and white icing to add dresses and bows to the girls and German style lederhosen and buttons for the boys. Source Just Imagine. 


6 & 7. Bake a batch of gingerbread men as normal, then turn half the batch upside down, ice on antlers where the legs would be, ears for arms and then a big red nose like Rudolf where the head would be. Decorate the rest of the batch as gingerbread elves with bow ties and big smiles. Source Better Baking Bible.

8. Discover the tasty treat of a gingerbread men cookie sandwich, simply use buttercream to make the gingerbread man sandwich, and voila! A festive dessert. This photo shows "Chocolate Gingerbread Men Sandwich Cookies filled with Clementine Buttercream", which sound amazing by Peabody.



9. Too cute! Gingerbread men holding candy canes! Oh my, these make such cute gifts. Once you've cut the gingerbread man from the dough (before going in the oven) lie a wooden spoon handle or chopstick, across his body (same angle as the candy cane), then pull his arms up over the handle and pinch hishands together until they stick. Then bake in the oven and then after you've iced their cute little faces, place a candy cane between his arms. Photo by Evermine.


10. Who said gingerbread men had to be men, here we have our Royal Highness, Her Majesty the Queen of all Biscuits and Cookies of the Gingerbread land. Decorated by those talented ladies at Biscuiteers.

11. Make your own patterned gingerbread men, using a pattern rolling pin, which you roll over the biscuit dough, before cutting out the shapes. Recreate this look with a patterned rolling pin from Baking Time Club.

12. Dreaming of a White Christmas? Guarantee you get to build a snowman this year, by baking these gingerbread snowmen. Once the biscuits are cooled, flood with white icing then add in some coal eyes, mouth and the classic carrot orange nose.

Get your own large Gingerbread Man cutter here to get baking your own festive biscuits.

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